Site design

Website design determines the general appearance of your project. It includes many components, each of which performs its own unique function. The ability to put them together correctly determines the quality of the designer’s work.

Site design

Speaking scientifically, web site design is the visual design of a content with systematized information on a web page. Simply put, if you decide to create a site, then you need to properly design it. But this is a very difficult and responsible work. The main role is played by ease of use. Getting to the site, the client should easily find the information that interests him, otherwise he will simply leave your page. And our goal is to turn it into your client.

The main criteria for the web design that will sell.


  1. Clearness.

Web site design should be clear. It should not be problematic for the user to get acquainted with the proposed products. Or to place an order. It is important to correctly build a navigation system, so that the user can easily find the product he is interested in. Also, given the era of gadgets, when developing, you need to keep in mind that pages should be viewed well on smartphones. If it is difficult to use the site than the client will never visit your site again.


  1. Recognizability.

Your site should have its own style. For example, logo that matches your company, etc. The client must recognize you.


  1. The visual component.

This is one of the main criteria. Your website visitor should be comfortable there. A site for selling upholstered furniture with photos of cozy rooms on the subconscious mind will force the client to purchase your products.

It is important to understand what target audience the site is directed to. If this is a site for the sale of spare parts for cars, it should be made in one style, and the online store of lingerie will look very different.

Paying attention to the color, graphics or design categories will improve the perception of the web page. Applying videos and animations will improve the aesthetics of your site.

  1. Content.

Your site should be not only beautiful, but also informational and readable. The client should be as familiar as possible with the usefulness of your products.

  1. Trust and reliability.

It is important to inspire confidence among visitors. The site should be filled with as much information as possible about your company. It is necessary to insert sections with contacts and addresses. And naturally there should be a section with reviews.

Why YarusGroup?

We have been successfully developing websites for many years. From experience, we can say for sure that the sites we were designing have very good conversion rates.

Your goal is to increase the number of sales, and ours is to help you with this!

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