Back end

The back-end is one of the most difficult sections in web development. Back-end programmers create the core of the site. They develop web applications and create plugins. These programmers work with databases and modules. Working with such important and complex things sets many requirements for employees. Therefore, the back-end developers at YarusGroup are people with a huge amount of knowledge and experience.


Development of plugins for WordPress

With the help of plugins on WordPress, you can implement almost any task. For example, you can add a questionnaire to the site, create a photo gallery or turn your blog into an e-shop with the ability to configure the product and make online orders. All this is possible with additional plugins. Therefore, the development of plugins for WordPress is a very important process.

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Site module programming

Site module programming is the creation or reprogramming of web-applications that are not provided by the standard CMS. Various software modules increase the functionality of the site. In this way, they help to increase the efficiency of the site and its interaction with visitors. Today such modules are offered to site owners both in the ready-made form and or individual order.

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Custom website development

Custom website development is the best way of creating your website. It is a complex project. Therefore a lot of different specialists take part in this project. It is very important to have a structure of website development. Every element of the process is important and should be performed correctly. In YarusGroup we have a big experience in website development.

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Payment gateway integration

Payment by credit card is the most popular way of shopping in the world. In Canada, the number of bank cards exceeds the number of citizens by more than 2 times. And many of our fellow citizens are accustomed to quickly and simply buy any product. The creation of online stores has made spending money easy. This popularized payment gateway integration services. Now the buyer does not even have to get up from the couch to spend money.

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