Development of WordPress website on a turnkey basis

Website development is a complex process. And if you want a site that is able to cope with modern tasks, then the work is much more complicated. Today sites are powerful marketing tools. And these must meet modern requirements. These are complex structures that need to be updated all the time. The way out of this situation is to create a site based on CMS. The development of a WordPress website can solve this problem.

WordPress website on a ready-made DIVI template

When creating a WordPress website it is very important to choose the right template. Choosing a theme is choosing a basic site design. Often, developers try to create the perfect theme that suits everyone. And, in our opinion, the closest to the title of an ideal is the development of WordPress website on a ready-made DIVI template.

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Custom website development

Custom website development is the best way of creating your website. It is a complex project. Therefore a lot of different specialists take part in this project. It is very important to have a structure of website development. Every element of the process is important and should be performed correctly. In YarusGroup we have a big experience in website development.

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WordPress website on a ready-made template

WordPress is the most common CMS in the world. About a third of all sites are powered by WordPress. We talk a lot about the usability of WordPress, and it’s not just our whim. This is a global trend. And one of the aspects of popularity is a lot of templates. And the development of a WordPress website on a ready-made template is one of the popular services.

The template or WordPress theme is responsible for the appearance and functionality of the resource. This is a collection of files. Each of these files is responsible for a specific part of your site. Fonts, colours, page layout, and even the ability to add or remove plugins – the template is responsible for this.

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Development of unique WordPress website

Website development is a complex and responsible process. And you must responsibly approach the issue of creating your web resource. There are several requirements that must be followed. The site should be convenient and load quickly. Each element must solve a specific problem. All unnecessary items must be removed. It should be convenient for you to administer the content. The visual design5 of the site should be enjoyable. The development of the unique WordPress website helps you solve all these problems.

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