HTML / CSS Markup & Layout

Markup and layout is a very complicated process. A proper layout requires a lot of knowledge and skills. HTML / CSS Markup and Layout are the process of shaping the appearance of a page. The final look of your site depends on the layout. This determines quality and user-friendliness. The high-quality layout and markup of the site is a responsible process.

Custom website development

Custom website development is the best way of creating your website. It is a complex project. Therefore a lot of different specialists take part in this project. It is very important to have a structure of website development. Every element of the process is important and should be performed correctly. In YarusGroup we have a big experience in website development.

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Layout design

The layout design is an important step in creating a site. The layout is done by programmers. They create an almost finished page. The basis of this page should be a prototype created by the designer. A good layout should be written in a modern programming language. It is also important that all popular browsers correctly display the page code.

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Adaptive layout

Adaptive layout today is the rule of good style when designing a website. Any developer who respects himself and his clients will definitely suggest you develop an Adaptive layout. I do not get tired of saying that if you want to make the site user-friendly, then you need an Adaptive layout.
Today, more than half of the traffic on the Internet is created by mobile devices. This feature is required if your site is designed to work with customers. But, in fact, there are cases when an adaptive layout is not needed. This is a complex and time-consuming process. Therefore, it is necessary to decide in advance whether it is worth spending your resources.

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