Internal SEO

YarusGroup specialists know how search engine algorithms work. And they make these algorithms work for you!
There are many processes and services that relate to SEO. In this article, we will consider only the internal SEO. These are the actions that can be done on your site.

Semantic core clustering

Semantic Core clustering is the process of creating groups of keywords. Keywords are user queries that promote your site in search engines. The creation of groups of such words occurs according to the principle of similarity.
The semantic core clustering procedure is an analysis of search queries and users` phrases. It is this analysis that allows us to promote your site.

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Semantic core collection

To promote a site, there is a need for the semantic core collection. The collection of a semantic core is one of the key points of successful SEO optimization. This is a foundation, that allows website elevate in the top ranking for search systems.

Also, the semantic core defines the thematic core of a website.

Besides, it is the basis of an optimal site structure. Requirements for a theme are one main and maximum related. Neither the search engine nor people like websites where it is written about everything and nothing. So, what is a semantic core?

The semantic core of a website is a group or organized list of so-called keywords. Tees are the target queries, which define services, products, goods, that are offered by a website.

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SEO Copywriting

Determining to Copywrite is writing a text to advertise or other forms of marketing. In our time it becomes an integral part of the everyday life of a company.  Copywriting consists of different words or slogans, that interact with people to get feedback. Respond to that defines the quality of copywriting and its ability to sell products.

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