Promo Materials Design

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When working with our customers, we always focus on the task that promotional materials must perform. Due to the wide range of companies we work with, we have introduced a flexible pricing policy. Even such a trifle as flyer design price may differ depending on your capabilities and goals.

Partnership with YarusGroup is the best way of your corporate identity presentation to your customers. Order promo materials design now!

Service catalogue design

A service catalog plays one of the key roles in the business. It is no secret that its appearance, design and, of course, information content often has a strong influence on the person who decided to purchase something. But due to the fact that a person can be pushed away by anything, even by the type of paper service catalog is printed on, our company considers it its duty to help you with achieving your goals.

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Sales proposition design

Advertising is the main tool to attract customers, regardless of the quality of the product, its specificity or price tag. It is also one of the powerful tools for communication with the consumer. One of its most effective methods is a unique selling proposition. Its main task is to focus customer attention on the uniqueness of your product.

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Product catalogue design

A product catalog is a kind of book that presents a list of goods and services and introduces your products to the customer. The advertising catalog should be such as to attract the attention of the client even from the appearance and first pages. It should be adorned with high-quality photos of your products and design thoughts that will interest the client. Having a lot of experience, we know how to create a product catalog design in such a way that allows the client to make the right choice in your favor.

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Advertising leaflet design

Leaflet is one of the popular types of promotional materials. It is a printed paper sheet, the material of which can be read only in expanded form. Leaflet carries more key information than a brochure that contains extensive information.

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Flyer design

A flyer is a small and colorful leaflet with a couple of lines of interesting text that carries information about your products and attracts the attention of the client. This is one of the most popular and universal methods of quick advertising, which is used in small and medium businesses as well as by big corporations.

You can use the marketing move in the form of distribution of leaflets and various promotions. Usually the most effective way to distribute flyers is to do this in public places: metro, cinemas, parks, educational institutions, where a large number of people are passing by.

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Brochure design

A brochure is a small print edition, usually 4-5 sheets long and without hardcover. It is intended to represent the company or brand to potential customers, therefore, the correct design of the brochure should combine information and originality. Brochures are used for distribution at various exhibitions and presentations among potential buyers.

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Exhibition stand design

It should be said that modern exhibition stand design is no longer simple construction with few fliers on it. Everything should be counted – color, shape, style, and its general presentation at the stand. Our task is to make sure that your products are appreciated. To do this, we pay attention to all the features of your product, its uniqueness and specificity. Selecting a personal design, we create an atmosphere that envelops the stand and emphasizes your style. Work on details helps to create design integrity with the product itself, and this attracts the attention of customers. The selection of colors, the professional study of suitable forms and styles, as well as the interior, is part of our work.

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Package design

Like any other design services, packaging design services are primarily aimed at increasing sales and brand recognition. And it is here that the phrase about that the product sells itself makes sense. Packaging is the first introduction to the product. It can either highlight your brand on the shelves of the supermarket or scare the buyer away. That is why this should be given a special attention.

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