Website Promotion Services

Website promotion process or search engine optimization actually consists in a set of measures to ensure the attendance of a site by targeted visitors. Targeted visitors are potential customers who are interested in getting the goods or services provided to promote the site.

Website promotion services

Website promotion process or search engine optimization actually consists in a set of measures to ensure the attendance of a site by targeted visitors. Targeted visitors are potential customers. They are interested in getting the goods or services provided to promote the site. Difficult and complex website promotion process can be divided into several groups and depends on a number of internal and external factors. Actually, there are many ways to attract targeted visitors to your site. Thereby a reasonable combination of various methods can achieve a good attendance result. There are areas of general website promotion: search or SEO optimization, the use of contextual or media advertising, as well as targeted advertising on social networks. Content marketing also plays a big role in improving sites.

Why do you need SEO

The main goal of a SEO website promotion is to increase targeted traffic to the site from search engines. The process of SEO consists of several steps and requires a thorough analysis of the site itself in the first place. It can be targeted at various types of searches, including image search, videos or news search. Promotion of sites in search engines, from our point of view, is the most rational option for getting targeted visitors to your resource. Website promotion is carried out due to the growth of site positions in search engines. The more keywords there is in the search engine, the more targeted traffic to the site goes. And accordingly, you will receive more orders from customers. But the question arises — how to understand that all this is really necessary? And what exactly does an SEO specialist do to optimize your resource?


Complex process of website promotion services can also be represented as a sequence, where each next step logically follows from the previous one. To create an effective promotion strategy, the SEO specialist first of all analyzes the source site itself. This includes an analysis of the main directions of the site and the subjects of its pages. It is equally important to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the sites of competitors in this industry, to track the methods that attract customers. After such an initial assessment, the SEO specialist gives a general description of the site. In such way we can understand what work needs to be done in the first place. In the process, the goods and services that the site provides are also evaluated. We are determining the interest of customers and buyers in them. It is at this stage that a project promotion strategy and a detailed phased work plan are formed. All these calculations are needed to solve the main question. Is it necessary to make global changes to the site structure to optimize search results? This step also allows usto clarify all the costs of website promotion, and what exactly they will be used for.

Semantic core creation

After conducting a detailed analysis and determining the goal and strategy of site changes, it is necessary to proceed to the formation of the core of semantic queries. The core consists of a group of search queries relevant to this site, on which potential customers can find it. At this stage, the job of an SEO specialist is to collect, group, and break down the semantic core by request frequency. The process of compiling a semantic core takes a lot of time, and directly depends on the size of the site.

It is all about content

For high-quality website promotion, it is also very important to create original and relevant content. The more relevant and unique the text and media content will be for this site, the higher the site will be in search results. And accordingly, it will receive more targeted visitors. That is why it is necessary to correctly formulate the terms of reference for a copywriter. Here we are taking into account the semantic core of the site compiled earlier. For better promotion, it is necessary to take into account such requirements for text content as the density of the text and the presence of stop words. Internal optimization also includes working with page headers and page descriptions of the entire site. It is also important to pay attention to the headers and descriptions of the site’s media files. The use of contextual advertising makes a big positive change in the promotion of the site. Considering the fact that this type of advertising is directly related to the content of the page of the site where the user is located, this avoids the influx of users from outside the target audience. Also this increases the likelihood of a response to the advertisement.

Need help? Contuct us!

Our experts of YarusGroup work as well as on individual services for website promotion, and provide the opportunity for comprehensive SEO support and maintenance. We adhere to all stages of the correct approach to website optimization and promotion. We value an individual approach to each individual client. For our work, we do not use ready-made templates and take into account all the wishes of customers. Specialists of the YarusGroup inc. constantly monitor changes in the algorithms of search engines and carry out site changes in accordance with them. We also believe that it is necessary to combine all optimization methods in a harmonious combination. It is the complex of measures that contributes to the successful promotion of the site, but not individual methods. At the same time, we are working on the continuous development and improvement of our professional skills.  We carefully analyze the content, dwelling in detail on creating headings and texts eliminating inaccuracies and errors. Toy can be sure that the web resource will not become heavy and overloaded. That is, we deal directly with the site itself, its structure, and try to make it as convenient as possible for people. The goal of the SEO specialists of the Yarus group is to make as many of the target audience as possible aware of the site. We use the most modern developments in the field of search engine optimization and website promotion. Therefore we achieve high rates in a short time. We believe that sites should be created and optimized to solve your specific tasks, but not for search engines. There is a rule that If people appreciate the site, tan search engines will appreciate it too. Order website promotion services from Yarus Group Inc.