Website strategy development (UX)

Website strategy development or UX design is a study of the interaction of the user and the site. The main goal of creating UX design is to increase the number of user conversions.

Custom website development

Custom website development is the best way of creating your website. It is a complex project. Therefore a lot of different specialists take part in this project. It is very important to have a structure of website development. Every element of the process is important and should be performed correctly. In YarusGroup we have a big experience in website development.

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Landing page scenario development

The landing page scenario and its development directly affect the success and quality of the landing page for the site. What is a landing page script? This is, first of all, the plan and the behavior algorithm of the visitor to your page. The purpose of this algorithm is to turn the target customer into a real customer of the company. In order to achieve this goal, it is necessary to develop a landing page with a well-thought-out structure. The development of a landing script is a part of the process of developing a web strategy, or UX-development.

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User scenario development

User scenario development is another tool for creating a personalized website design. In fact, user scenarios are the definition of portraits of your target audience and the identification of the main goals of users when interacting with the site.

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